Home Visits

Home visits are only available for patients who are housebound because of illness or disability.

Please remember that several patients can be seen in the practice in the time that it takes to make one home visit and for some patients, delay may lead to increased suffering. There are also better facilities for examining and treating patients at the surgery.

For many minor illnesses, home remedies are adequate and to call a doctor for colds, flu, sore throats and diarrhoea would waste their time and make them unavailable to attend those seriously ill. Similarly, an apparent lack of transport may not justify a request for a house call.


If at any time you would prefer a consultation or examination in the company of a chaperone please feel free to ask your GP to arrange this.

Please help us by:

Patients, for their part, can assist the practice greatly by:

  • Arriving on time for their appointments (late arrivals may have to wait until the end of surgery or re-arrange the appointment).
  • Affording the practice as much notice as possible if an appointment cannot be kept; you can also cancel online.
  • Having consideration that some consultations do overrun-the GPs cannot predict in advance that some consultations will require slightly longer than normal.
  • Not expecting the doctor to deal with more than one consultation per appointment. If a parent wants to see the doctor and wishes for her child/children to be seen at the same time then the appropriate number of appointments should be booked.
  • Ordering repeat prescriptions in good time, ie at least two days before the medication runs out.
  • Remaining polite and courteous and understanding of the busy nature of the practice.
  • Not expecting unnecessary home visits. Please remember, in most instances, your healthcare is best served by attendance at the practice wherever possible.
  • Endeavouring to access the practice appropriately - for example: avoid ringing or visiting the practice, for non-urgent needs, at peak times such as a Monday morning.

Car Parking at Cambridge Avenue site

Patient parking is now down the side of the builidng and Staff parking is at the front of the building. As car parking space is limited it would be appreciated if patients could park responsibly, allowing access for ambulances and for doctors to leave quickly to attend emergencies. Vehicles are parked at your own risk. Please only use the disabled parking bays if you have a blue badge. Please do not park in the entrance near the gates.


a hand holding a mobile device

Text Reminder Service

We have a texting service which allows you to receive confirmation and reminders about your appointments.

To have this service you will need to contact the surgery.

Please remember to update your contact details with us when you change address, telephone numbers and email address.

Opening Times

Please select a site

Extended Hours

Every Monday and Tuesday evening 18:30 – 20:00 (excluding Bank Holidays). Please note the extended hours service is for pre-bookable appointments only.

Training Practice

GP Registrars

These are registered doctors who have had hospital experience. They wish to enter general practice and have been invited to join the practice to gain an insight into general practice medicine. Please accept them as one of us! The GP registrars are mentored by a designated 'trainer' at the practice (currently Dr Dhanasekar). As part of their vocational programme registrars will on occasion take a video of their consultations. The receptionist will keep you informed when this is in progress for your appointment.

Medical Students

The practice mentors both year 3 and year 5 medical students from the Hull York Medical School. You may see a year 5 student separately from the GP, these consultations are supervised by the GP.

If you would prefer to see the doctor in private please do not hesitate to mention this and the student will be happy to leave.